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Project Description

Double Sided Stickers


Double sided stickers have traditionally only been a cost effective option when purchasing in mass numbers. Our service provides a quality option which creates an affordable product at even small quantity orders.

Especially popular for things like parking permits, auto service stickers and promotional glass images the need to be visible from both sides.

Product options include blockout vinyls, removable resin or extra adhesion, one side being a writable surface, metallic inks or chrome, metallic or reflective vinyls.

Qualities and Options

  • Ink sets can include specialty colours such as white and metallics.

  • Fast turnaround.

  • Fade resistant up to 5 years outdoor.

  • Water, Solvent and Oil resistant qualities.

  • Even unlaminated, our products can withstand frequent cleaning. Lamination is recommended for high pressure or frequent chemical cleaning.

  • Product options include a range of reflective material types.

  • Some simple artwork assistance can be provided at no additional cost. If more assistance is required, a small cost may be incurred, however any potential fee will be discussed prior with the client.

  • Heavy duty, industrial grade product.

  • Material options include more aggressive adhesive, matt, gloss, transparent, heavy duty, laminates and chromes, metallics and textures. While adhesive paper products are also available, we don’t recommend these for materials for product labelling that may be exposed to water, oils or rubbing/scratching.

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Related FAQs

High Pressure Washing2020-03-18T03:41:02+00:00

Products which are intended for industrial and mine site environments (including our high visibility fleet numbers) are created to withstand heavy duty activities such as high pressure washing.

How accurate will the cut be on my label or sticker?2020-03-22T05:32:32+00:00

Depending on the complexity of the cut you request, our cutters may shift in most cases negligibly and in some cases up to 1/2 a millimetre. While this is margin for error is incredibly fine, we still recommend that you ensure that you don’t have fine borders, or critical elements close to the edge of your artwork.

Courier charges and delivery times2020-03-22T10:56:39+00:00

Delivery to most areas across Australia is overnight at a flat rate of $16. In very few cases, where a job is overweight or oversize, we will contact you directly to discuss options.

I don’t have finished print ready artwork.2020-03-22T05:34:58+00:00

If you require only simple typesetting or minimal changes to existing artwork, we will in most cases endeavour to provide this as part of our in-house art service at no extra cost. In the case that we feel the art required is significant, then we will be sure to let you know prior to undertaking the work and to discuss any possible charges with you.

What is the turnaround time?2020-03-22T05:37:48+00:00

Depending on the current demand on our printers and the type of work you are ordering, our turnaround time can be as little as 1 day and as much as 7. Anything beyond this for very large orders or extremely complicated work will be discussed prior to embarking on the work. For expedited time frames, please discuss with our team your specific requirements.

What sizes can I print?2020-03-22T05:26:31+00:00

Our oversize options including vehicle striping provided in lengths up to 20 metres. For large, full wall displays, prints are provided similar to wallpaper drops in widths of up to 1400mm. For signage and fixed displays, we provide prints mounted onto substrates in tiled pieces of up to 4 x 1.5 Metres. Discuss the exact size you are chasing with our team to discuss many more possibilities.


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