How size matters: how big should my business signage, stickers and decals really be?

It sounds like an easy question, and yet over 15 years providing expert printing services to businesses across Australia, the size of business signage, stickers and decals remains a challenge for owners.

If your print is too big, you’re throwing money away. Likewise, if it’s too small it will likely miss the mark.

In some instances, application of your business decals, signage or stickers can limit your options and give you a clear directive on what you can achieve. For example, you may have limited wall space for a safety sign in the office. This challenges you to be more concise with your content to make it work.

In others, it can actually be your printer’s preset sizes that limit your options and challenge you to work hard on your content (don’t worry, that’s not how we roll! ).

Let’s say size isn’t a restraint, your goal is simply to get the best outcome from your investment. Here’s our advice on making your business signage, stickers and decals work best for you.

First things first: decide, refine, check and double check the content you want. 

The rest of the process will always be so much easier if you determine how many words, images, icons, graphics, etc you need to fit within your space from the beginning. In general, less is more on labels, stickers and business signage. People are less likely to see a tree amongst a forest. You are much more likely to make an impact by being clear than you are being greedy with what you incorporate on your print.

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Consider how far away from the print your intended audience will be.

If people will be picking up and viewing your label up-close, then you can get away with fairly small text. However, if the content needs to be read from a distance on a sign, then you need to allow a lot more space for your key items at a minimum.

Business signage, Brand Industry Services

Consider the background of your label’s application.

For example, will it be on a busy product package? A busy background may mean additional space needs to be injected, particularly around the edge of the label, to make it easier to read the content and to avoid information becoming lost in the noise.

Business signage, Brand Industry Services

Are you printing for form or function?

In other words, is the aesthetic design of your business decal, signage, sticker or label critical or is its purpose more focused on delivering information in a visible, clean and legible way. If the former, the general rule is that the more space injected into your print, the more luxurious or valuable the message is perceived to be. Ensuring you have enough space for your messaging to easily be read and a clean design will stand you in good stead. If you are delivering HSSE and safety messages, it is vital to give your content enough room for it to be eligible and noticeable.

Still not sure? Reach out to your chosen print provider and ask if they have inhouse artwork assistance (ensure you opt for someone with design services rather than just typesetting for more considered and expert advice). If they do, then you’re already one step ahead by being able to provide them the details from above as well as the exact content you require on the label.

If you are yet to find a print provider, we’d love to help . Unlike many other printers, we offer the capability to choose the sizing and quantities you need, rather than forcing you to select from predetermined label sizes. And we do so without penalising you for it!

Business signage, Brand Industry Services