Vehicle wraps (full or partial) and decals are quite often lumped into the same category, however they are very different. A “wrap” is used to describe total coverage to all or to a significant part of the vehicle, while a decal (or plant, as they are sometimes called) are isolated pieces of text or graphics applied to the vehicle leaving the majority of the vehicle surface exposed. Which is best for you? Well, if your goal is really just to add a logo and contact information, or minor graphics, then decals are a much cheaper option. But if your goal is to really stand out, then go for a wrap! Worried about the surface of your vehicle? Don’t be, as long as you go to a quality provider, the product can be removed leaving no surface damange at all, in fact the vinyl acts as a protective layer from fade and minor scratches. If you do choose to opt for a wrap, be bold and brave with the design you choose, you will be surprised at what a powerful advertising tool it can be.

We’ve provided a rough price guide, however they are just estimates. Prices change depending on how much space your artwork takes up, whether you are doing just 1 vehicle or a fleet, and of course, depending on what type of vehicle it is. Contact us for a price to suit you. It all starts with a conversation.

PRICE GUIDE – Vehicle Wrap
  • High visual impact.
  • Very cost effective marketing tool, especially if your vehicle spends a lot of time on the road.
  • Great for unifying different vehicles which are part of the same fleet.
  • In some cases, wrapping may refresh and modernise older vehicles.
  • Vehicles parked outside a business can be an alternative to street signage. Possibly a good option if there is a lack of space, or lack of council approval to install more permanent free standing signage options.
  • While sections (panels) of a wrap can be replaced, there may be slight colour changes due to fade, so if at all possible, don’t include information on the wrap that may be subject to change before you are prepared to update the whole thing.
  • Applying vinyl does not totally cover up scratches and dents on a vehicle, while it may improve the overall look greatly, especially with older vehicles, any imperfections will still show through.

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This information is intended as a introductory guide only. For more information relating to your specific requirements, please contact us directly. We are always happy to give advice on our products, services and pricing.