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Brand is a wholesale manufacturer, meaning we print to order.


Instead of offering preset pricing, we quote each job individually. This means that you don’t pay for sizes, qualities or quantities that you don’t need.



Competitive pricing

Our industry recognised competitive pricing is due to our modern equipment and production methods. When comparing apples to apples, we are pretty confident you won’t find a more economical solution.

Personalised service

Brand provide service based on individual requirements, this includes product support and advice, as well as typesetting, design, installation and other service options.

Pricing factors

Knowing the factors that will affect a price will help you get the most competitive quote.
Check out the below FAQ’s for some tips.

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Because we are a wholesale manufacturer, we don’t have any preset sizes. What this means for our clients is that they don’t have to conform to a specific size to receive a cost benefit. Considering that, trimming the size of your label or print by any amount will in almost every case reflect directly in your quote.

UV resistance 2018-04-06T07:06:46+00:00

Depending on where your printing will be used (ie, indoor or outdoor) and on how long you would like the print to last, will impact how much UV life or fade resistance you require. This can affect the materials we recommend and the print process we utilise. Let us know your requirements and make sure you’re not paying for more than what you need.

What conditions will your print be subject to? 2018-04-06T07:13:47+00:00

In circumstances where products are likely to be subjected to less than perfect conditions, we will recommend a more durable or long lasting product. Examples of less than perfect conditions may be: exposure to abrasives; sun; solvents; excessive wear; potential for graffiti etc. Make sure you clarify the circumstances your products will be used under so that you aren’t paying for more than you need, or that the product you are looking at will be suitable.

Short run printing. 2018-04-06T07:25:37+00:00

Because we are a digital printer, you will find our pricing is much more competitive at lower quantities. The only significant factor on small quantity pricing being that we have a minimum job size which is a small fee to cover the admin, prepress and machine setup of your job.

Larger quantities. 2018-04-06T07:32:11+00:00

Our pricing structure offers small incremental price breaks as soon as you order just a few metres of print, increasing as you order larger quantities. This soft curve pricing structure allows us to offer better rates for more of our clients.