Magnetic graphics are easy to apply, interchangeable, full colour prints mounted to the wall, table or surface using magnets.


How long does delivery take? 2018-03-27T05:18:11+00:00

We deliver right across Australia. Most products arrive at their destination overnight or within 48 hours. In some cases where destinations are in more remote areas of Australia, or where products are bulky or heavy, this may be a little longer.

How long will my order take to be produced? 2018-03-27T05:12:30+00:00

In most cases our production team pride themselves on getting work out within 48 hours. There are a few more involved or larger products, or in the case of some very large orders, we may take a little longer. If you have a specific deadline, talk to us and we will work to meet your requirements.

Do you offer wholesale pricing for manufacturers, trade suppliers and resellers? 2018-02-20T01:56:05+00:00

Brand supply benchmark quality products, delivered with exceptional service and support. For more than a decade, we have strived to develop ways of working smarter, and today, we are able to offer specialised products at a price point which enables our trade and reseller clients to profit comfortably. Find out more.

What sizes and shapes can I print? 2018-02-14T07:17:14+00:00

We are a digital printer, and as such, we can offer almost any size and any shape. From internal ID chip labels, to full wall or floor prints. At Brand, most customised options are standard and not a chargeable extra.

What is your minimum and maximum quantities? 2018-02-20T01:34:09+00:00

Brand are a fully digital facility. What does it mean? It means that we can offer maximum flexibility. You can print any size and any shape without having to pay hefty setup fees. The other advantage of a digital press is that our prices are much more scaleable. Instead of having to print thousands to get any benefit in price, with a digital press, you’ll start to see a price reduction with just a small increase in quantity.

Are your labels built tough for industrial applications? 2018-02-20T03:01:29+00:00

Long life UV performance, durability and strong adhesion is a pretty standard shopping list from our industrial clients. Those same clients come back to us time and time again because of the reliability of our product and service. When chatting to us, make sure you mention the durability standards you require, so that we can run through your options.

Will the colour fade? 2018-02-20T08:53:25+00:00

We have a lot of clients come to us with this exact question. Frustrating stories of having paid a lot of money for print that in some cases starts to fade in just a few weeks! At Brand, we use quality materials and quality inks to make sure you have no nasty surprises. We offer product options to survive the Australian sun use for up to 10 years. Only need indoor 6 month solutions? We can do that too. If dealing with Brand, be sure to tell us exactly what your requirements and expectations are.

What if I don’t have “press ready” art? 2018-02-14T07:17:41+00:00

While some companies can be fairly picky about artwork formats and “press ready” submissions, at Brand, we try to be a little more realistic about the process and try to create a more rounded service for our clients. In most cases, we will work with what you have, or create something for you. If we can, depending on how much you are printing, and how busy we are, we will try and absorb the cost without passing it on to you. However, if we do need to charge something for art or design, we’ll make sure we check with you first.


  • Outdoor / UV Resistant

  • Waterproof

  • Any size / Any shape

  • Solvent resistant

  • Magnetic material can be reused over and over again.

  • Create your look with different materials including chalkboard and whiteboard.

  • Change graphics over yourself in moments.

  • Move graphics from place to place to keep things fresh.

  • Get as many graphics printed for the same position as you like.

  • Database printing (including sequencing and barcoding)

Magnetic graphics are one of those super cool products that you wonder why no one thought of sooner. Turn any flat area into a magnetic space, then rearrange and change your graphics over and over, almost as easily as you would move those magnet letters around on your fridge…almost! While we don’t want to compare these cool Magnetic Graphics to fridge magnets, they really are that easy. Whether you want the magnetic space to be on a wall, a counter, in a frame, on an existing sign or perhaps on shelving, windows or furniture, this product makes changing over and/or reusing graphics a simple task that you can do yourself as often as you like.

Use magnetic graphics on your counter, display cabinet or reception to advertise a current promotion or purchase option.

Display your current menu and change for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or for the special of the day.

Advertise a current event, conference, wedding, lecture or display and changeover cheaply and quickly.

Change product promotions seasonally or on the fly as you wish.

Magnetic Graphics are seriously versatile and a very cheap way to make a big impact, best of all though, they make it easy to keep your information / message / or visual fresh, current and exciting.

We’d love to talk about ways that you could utilise this product.


Most work is dispatched within 48 Hours after artwork approval.
Need it faster? Talk to us to discuss options.

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