Brand: The Body Shop
Location: London
Created by: Studio XAG
Images © Melvyn Vincent

Small details

make a big impression.

Studio XAG, based in London, have an amazing (and well earned!) reputation for creating incredible displays. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, I highly recommend you visit the site and take a look through some of their work. The detail of their designs, combined with an obvious love of experimentation with materials and techniques combine to create brave and standout, unique displays.

This series of window displays are hard to walk past without taking a second look. The multilayered, brightly coloured graphics seem appear so simply and carelessly, yet a second look and you can see the level of detail and consideration which has gone into every piece.

This display is made all the more impressive when you consider the products and techniques which have gone into making this. The cut foam printed boards and break out elements are all fairly simple and the technique is certainly nothing new, but what makes this so impressive, is the vibrant use of colour, the detailed design, the quality production and the well executed bespoke installation.