A decal can be a fairly broad term used to describe many different products, At it’s core, it is a graphic element on adhesive material intended for long term application onto another surface. Sounds a bit like a sticker right? It is…and it isn’t. Stickers are really the basic version of a decal, normally small and simplistic shapes only. With decals, you can do a lot more.

  • Wide range of materials available to create different styles and effects.
  • Great for window/glass application to keep obstruction of vision to a minimum.
  • Flexible materials available for going across curved surfaces.
  • Durable options for industrial heavy duty environments, including marine.
  • Oversized options available as well as complex or multi component graphics.
  • Products allow for relatively quick installation.
  • Can be removed from most surfaces without damage and requires no screws, clamps or other fixings.
  • Upon removal, may sometimes pull away paint if surface is not prepared properly.
  • Individually cut fine type and graphics may be unsuitable for this option as there is not enough adhesive surface to ensure against lifting.

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