This page looks a little closer at some of the elements used in the Global Creative article, El Moro retail store in Mexico City. Read on to see a break down of the main products and techniques that you can utilise to create a similar look in your next project. Missed the original article? Find it here. Please note, the information below is not supplied by the project creators.


The feature sign “EL MORO” used on the roof here is a floating sign with directional illumination. The individually thick cut aluminium layered letters are individually aligned and then mounted on a frame secured to the roof line. The directional lighting throws shadow across the 3 dimensional image and creates a glowing point of interest. Playing with light and materials can create very unique, feature signs.


The sign mounted just under the illuminated feature sign, is also floating. A floating sign means that the background viewable behind the letters is the background of the wall or existing surface. As you can see, the acrylic cut lettering is mounted onto the existing roof edge. The use of exposed surface is a great way to utilise space organically without having to frame every element of signage into a rectangle, square, circle or other specific shape.


Decals are used to transfer the digitally cut blue text onto the clean white tiles. It is critical to use a suitably conformable vinyl in these instances to ensure that letters don’t lift between tiles where the surface becomes less sealed. This is especially so for the menu, especially in kitchen environments, if the right materials are not used, heat and cold will see your sign looking old before it’s time.


A custom tile has been used to cover the majority of the wall and floor. This sweet, clean patchwork graphic is not only incredibly functional but ties in the whole space with a very modern pattern design. There are some great bespoke tile options available, alternatively, individual designs can be printed direct to your surface.

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