This label print service is perfect for small to medium producers, startup products or to cater for changing label content. High quality with scaleable pricing.

Short runs available.

Our cosmetic label printing service is specifically geared for small manufacturers. We understand the challenge of marketing a new or speciality product, and the importance of creating a quality impression without investing in overpriced bulk labelling commitments.

Water & oil resistant.

Our vinyl labels are especially suited to cosmetic product labelling as they are resistant to oils and other ingredients to be found in these products. Ingredients that will inevitably touch the label at some point, either during product filling, or after sale when being used by the client.

Also water resistant, these labels will wear well and ensure that your product stays looking good after the sale, to make sure your customer spreads the good word and returns for more.

We don’t provide standard prices, because we don’t want our clients paying for things they don’t need! Contact us for a quote and to discuss requirements and options specific to you.

The pros AND the cons.

  • High quality print.
  • Available in small, startup quantities to get you started.
  • Volume price discounts for when you are ready to grow.
  • Any size or shape.
  • Water resistant.

  • Oil resistant.

  • Fade resistant.

  • Strong adhesive options.

  • Easy to apply to your packaging yourself.

  • Available on sheets or rolls.

  • These labels require a fairly smooth surface to adhere to for longevity.
  • Product packaging must be clean at time of application.

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This information is intended as a introductory guide only. For more information relating to your specific requirements, please contact us directly. We are always happy to give advice on our products, services and pricing.