Banners are a long time staple when it comes to signage. Why? Because, they work really well. The term banner is applied to a wide range of large format flexible prints that are either mounted or hung for display. You’ll find banners referred to as a myriad of names, most of which refer to the mounting or hanging options available. We’ve listed a few of the most common terms below.

  • Internal and external options.
  • A lightweight signage option for installation on weak or thin walls.
  • Can be installed over damaged or rough surfaces.
  • Freestanding, framed or hung options available.

  • Very inexpensive options available.

  • Create oversized, high impact signs fairly cheaply.
  • Affordable options make these perfect for events, short term promotions or just to change out graphics regularly to keep publicity fresh and dynamic.
  • Large banners placed in high wind conditions may require discrete cup slits to reduce drag.

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